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        OUR STORY
        Our story began in the gym where we were in seach of emotional peace and a healthy lifestyle. We too struggle with mental health related issues and struggle with our appearance. We want to inspire others to become healthy, especially  those suffering with mental health. We are passionate about good mental health and want to help motivate and support others to live joyful and active lives. 
         We are a company that believes in the well being of everyone. We are not just a clothing company. We are committed in raising MENTAL  HEALTH AWARENESS to our communities. We encourage our customers to support and participate in helping those with this illness. The Month of May is  MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS month. Don’t hesitate to tell or ask people you know how they feel and how you can help. We also encourage everyone to participate in fitness, arts, meditation activities to improve overall health. It work for us, give it a try. If you or anyone needs support contact us or if you need immediate help call a love one.


        Our growing portfolio of  brands creates fashion products for the millennial and others. Brands includes:

        •                Desdenyc Clothing 

        •                Mark Savior

        •                Fear of Culture

        •                The Art Of Jose Rojas

        •                Dominican United

        •                For Sure Club

        •                Nothing But Chaos

        •                Redpublic